A new patch has been released and can be downloaded from here.

FinnWars is a modification for Battlefield 1942. In FinnWars the Finnish battles during world war 2 has been pictured more realistic and accurate than ever before. It does not only add more realism and team based gameplay to Battlefield 1942, but takes the player to experience the rage of war in historical environments.

Battle your way through the Winter War, The Continuation War and The War of Lapland. Enlist for a persistent Finn, a glorious Soviet or an efficient German.

Fly your way to glory with one of the 8 historically correct airplanes. Search and destroy with 20 various land vehicles from skis to assault guns and blast away with 11 different stationary weapons from 7.62 machine gun to the 203mm heavy howitzer.

More than 60 realistic effects from muzzle shots to explosions included, and over 30 hand weapons will help you defend yourself from tanks and infantry.

Defend your positions and attack enemy ground in more than 50 maps. Over 100 custom objects bring the real feel of Finnish Landscape.

Master all sorts of various features such as realistic tank steering and calling artillery strikes.

Enlist now! The fight for Finland has begun!



The Official FinnWars server:
Finnwars - by Mediatraffic


FinnWars 1.82 - Full version

Installation instructions can be found in English and Finnish.